Flubit is launching 1 hour delivery!

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Flubit 1 hour delivery

You ask and we listened! Flubit is proud to announce that we will be launching a one-hour delivery service called Flubit-Go, thanks to a partnership with City Sprint’s new service On The Dot. Flubit-Go will initially be a mobile app, which will allow users to order products from our marketplace to be delivered in one-hour time slots for ultimate convince. The app is set to launch in Q4 and will be available to London, Birmingham and Manchester customers.

Flubit is dedicated to providing the one-hour delivery service at significantly reducing costs compared to Amazon same day delivery, and will also ensure that all users will have access to the service whether or not you are an Elite user (unlike Prime).

“This is game-changing for the British public. Every year we’re saving our customers millions of pounds off the best Amazon prices, and now customers can get these savings and experience true convenience by receiving the product in their hand within an hour that they choose, that day, or at a specified time in the future – a privilege that is charged for when using Amazon. No other company can offer this on the scale that Flubit.com and On the Dot can.”   Bertie Stephens

We already offer great gift ideas and deals to our users, so we see this as a convenient way to allow last minute purchases of gifts. The app should be launched before Christmas which will make your Christmas shopping easier especially if you leave everything to the last minute!

Not only is Flubit-Go one hour service beneficial to our users but it is also beneficial to our merchants selling through Flubit’s marketplace. Flubit-Go will allow smaller sellers to win orders over large retailers. Flubit.com don’t charge merchants any commission fees or charges, so we make it easy for new retailers to join the Flubit family and access millions of potential new customers.

This brilliant partnership started when Flubit’s tech team joined On The Dot Team Hackathon in March. Flubit’s tech team which consisted of Ahmet, Tunji, Michael, Danny and Dom, spent 24 hours integrating with On The Dots API. During the Hackathon, the team created a mobile app called Everything. Everything uses Flubit.com relationship with over a 1,000 UK merchants to deliver a discount to the user, it then offers delivery options based on the user’s current location, by tapping into their mobile GPS and matching their order with the closest Flubit merchant. 

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 Not used Flubit before? well, simply find the product you want on amazon.co.uk and copy and paste the URL into Flubit.com to create a better price. We create better prices on products you’re looking to buy by cutting out the middleman so you can make savings on your purchases! 

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